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build a furure in which children are supported to reach their dreams.


KETEX Foundation is a non-profit organization (2008/018783/08) founded in 2008. Our vision is to enable disadvantaged youth to realize their potential and become self-sustaining young adults. 


  • To improve the quality of education in South African townships.
  • To provide intentional grooming of committed young learners in our communities
  • To foster a sense of community responsibility through education and active participation.
  • To broaden the post-school opportunities of disadvantage youth.
  • To give hope and support to learners who are orphaned and those who are from child-headed families.
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We facilitate spaces for vaulanerable children

Since the inception of the various KETEX programmes, more than a 100 young people have benefited directly and their lives transformed as result of the work that we do, turning their dreams into a reality.

The KETEX Foundation is a non-profit organization (NPO) formed in 2008 by Xolani Hlitana. Our organisation initially started as an act of kindness extended to two young learners. Our founder realized the need for more such acts which lead to a registered, fully-fledged organization which cares for 80 teenagers, 15 HIV positive orphans and their adult carers all housed in a home in Alexandra. With our deep understanding of the social fabric in our country, we have an intentional focus towards education and youth development in townships. 

More specifically, we have identified and support youths in the following categories: 

  • Child-headed homes
  • Orphaned youths from the age of two 
  • Learners requiring financial assistance from Grade 8 until completion of a tertiary qualification 

Our mission to is to turn dreams into reality for all who are supported by us.


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