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— Mentorship Programme

Professionals in various fields will be approached to offer their time, knowledge and skills to coach these young people in their life journey. The Mentors give guidance to the learner on all areas of their lives, mainly education, careers, friendships, sexual matters, money management, moral issues, behavioural issues, spirituality etc. Each year the programme takes up a minimum of 20-30 learners in each township we may be represented in. These young people will be mentored through their academic life or reaching the age 21 years. This in turn will ensure that these very same young people come back and play a role of mentorship to the next group as the former beneficiaries of the programme. Each board member is responsible for at least one learner. Every alternate month the board, management and learners meet for a 3 hours session of Chillas. This is where the mentoring takes place. These sessions take different forms each month as dictated by the Project Director. External stake holders and potential mentors or donors are more than welcomed to these sessions as they get to have a first-hand experience of our programme.


— Holiday Club

We all know that it’s not all parents who have the luxury and flexibility to take leave from work when schools are closed. In most cases this puts the kids at risk to be exposed to bad influences. Our holiday club is meant to keep the kids away from the streets during the normal school hours while assisting them with school work and keeping them entertained with fun games, celebrity appearances etc. This programme runs during March, June and September holidays. During March and September holidays the programme runs through leadership camp where the learners are booked at a camp site from Wednesday morning till Saturday afternoon. Various speakers, donors, celebrities are invited to the camp as an inspiration to the learners. In June the we run the programme from Monday to Friday at one of the schools or community halls in the township.


— KETEX Academic Awards

As the organisation we strive to inspire learners to do their best and remain motivated to stay at school. Once a year we recognise well deserving learners with medals, certificates and cash incentives. We look at the top learner per school, overall top achiever for the township, most improved learner per school. These categories are recognised per grade from Grade 10 to Matric. The awards are held at a community hall each year on the 3rd week of January. All participating schools submit their chosen candidates. So in total each school submits six names (two per grade per category). We also award the school of the overall winner with a prize in cash or response to one of their needs to the value of the prize as determined by the organisation based on availability of resources.


— Orphanage

Leratong is an orphanage started by Peggy Chauke. Together with KETEX we strive to make the place a better home for the 21 orphans between ages of 9 years to 19 years. Most of the kids are HIV positive and majority of them are boys. We have variety of needs for the kids ranging from: food, staff salaries, clothes and bedding for the kids, books and computers for library. As KETEX Foundation we strive to secure funding in order to purchase a bigger place to accommodate the children and take in more orphans. KETEX Foundation main responsibility for Leratong is to ensure the children are fed and staff salaries are paid every month.


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